[[I’m gonna get off for a few hours, probably return in the afternoon or evening, I have work and other blogs that also require my attention. ]]

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  • Independent South Dakota from Red vs. Blue
  • Reboot blog from hhamartiaa
  • Roughly 4 years roleplaying experience
  • Possible NSFW, will be tagged accordingly and put under read more
  • Open to other forms of NSFW (Violence, gore, etc.)
  • One-liner, para, multi-para, sometimes novella
  • OC and multi-fandom friendly; semi-selective 
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my secret ship

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[[Not too bad, for like 14 hours back]]

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[Hell yeah, I haven’t had Sonnie threads in forever and I’ve missed writing with you]

[[It’s been way too long since we’ve wrote anything together and I’ve really missed the Sonnie pairing]]

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[[Give me about two hours or so and I’ll be up and ready for ya]]

[[Ahhh, my bby, we will have to do a cute thread when you’re up!]]

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[[Let’s Play: Minecraft #99 is up, oh my god, excuse me while I disappear for the next hour.]]

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// but I don’t wanna sleep!

[[Get your butt to bed madam or I will have to activate Mama Connie mode!]]

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Warning: I'm sexy and I know it!

ASKED BY ricktor-225.

[This was the only one I got, but it made me laugh so much! Imagine CT strutting.

Freelancer’s Next Top Model]

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[Gooood morning to the few Brits who may be around, and afternoon to the Australians.
If you’re American, go the fuck to sleep!.

I’m here, armed with my cup of tea and ready to write threads with anyone who wants.]

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If my character was wearing a warning label, what would it say?

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[It’s good to be back, but I think 2am is late enough to hang around. Message me if you have thread ideas, I look forward to them :) ]

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//i wanna make a cool roleplay advertisement picture how do u do that what’s the format

[I can help out if you like? I just did a bit of editing on Photoshop and added the relevant text.]

//i just want to know the format for the relevant text, like what info to put on it

[If you check out the rvb rp tag, you’ll see a few examples, I just followed the few in there.]

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Welcome back bro

ASKED BY binarytribbles.

[Oh thank you!

It’s been a weird six months, but I’m kind of glad to be back]

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[Ha, I’ve certainly made my way into new fandoms too, it’s amazingly refreshing :)

Were there any threads that you wanted to carry on with at all?]

// Whatever you wanna do is fine with me, dear :3

// I enjoyed our old threads, but new threads could also be fun, either option is cool

[I want to at least keep going with the Transgressions Past one, that was fun! But new ones would be cool too! Probably best if we start tomorrow though, it’s getting late over here.]

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